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The Gods and Goddesses of Daily Life

"Ancient Greece" by Adam Polselli

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  1. Hey Leah! I really like that you are doing a Greek mythology scrapbook. Percy Jackson was my favorite book series as a kid, and I definitely got a similar vibe from your scrapbook intro. Reading through it, the context was great. I liked the intro to Janus and can already tell the personality and spunk he will have throughout. However, I did notice quite a few grammatical errors that kind of took away from the overall impact of the intro. There were a handful of run on sentences and instances where a comma was used where a dash would've been more effective. I'm guilty of grammar errors all the time and know how easy it is to get in the heat of writing and not think about it, so I'm right there with you! I think editing and cleaning up those little things though will aid in the overall simplicity and readability of your work. Overall though it looks amazing and is a great intro! Can't wait for the rest!

  2. Hi Leah,
    Cool story book! I like the blue and white colors of the storybook, I think that it goes nicely with the Greek theme. I loved how Janus opened up your introduction, but I did wonder why she wanted to tell the stories? What is her reason behind writing this up for us and telling us about all these stories. It's kind of explained in the last paragraph, but maybe you could make it more direct. Is it so the other gods aren't forgotten? Or because their stories deserve to be told? I was just a little bit unsure. I also think you should make the font just a bit bigger. It's a little hard to see unless you zoom it in!
    I really liked your first story also. I was surprised when you said you came up with it yourself! I also think it was clever that you had an author's note and Janus's note. I wondered what Hestia was thinking during the story. I thought she would be the main character, but she was only in it a little bit. Is there a way we could see more from her perspective?
    I'm excited to learn about more forgotten gods/goddesses from your story! Good work!

  3. Hey Leah! First, I really enjoy your cover photo, I think it was good pick for you. I also really like how the intro is from Janus' perspective. I never would've come up with this idea and I really like it. To be honest, I don't know much about gods/goddesses that aren't the "Big 12" like you stated. But I am excited to learn more about them through your storybook!
    As I have only read your introduction so far, I was really wanting you to have incorporated his 2 faces more into the story. I think this is pretty unique characteristic and could add a lot of personality to the character!
    I wish you would have incorporated another photo of Janus. The cover image is really cool and I would've liked to see it without the words on top of it. Maybe you could add that image a second time at the bottom and then another representation of Janus? I don't have much to critique because I really like the way you wrote this introduction and the direction you're headed in.


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