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The Gods and Goddesses of Daily Life

"Ancient Greece" by Adam Polselli

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  1. Hey Leah! I really like that you are doing a Greek mythology scrapbook. Percy Jackson was my favorite book series as a kid, and I definitely got a similar vibe from your scrapbook intro. Reading through it, the context was great. I liked the intro to Janus and can already tell the personality and spunk he will have throughout. However, I did notice quite a few grammatical errors that kind of took away from the overall impact of the intro. There were a handful of run on sentences and instances where a comma was used where a dash would've been more effective. I'm guilty of grammar errors all the time and know how easy it is to get in the heat of writing and not think about it, so I'm right there with you! I think editing and cleaning up those little things though will aid in the overall simplicity and readability of your work. Overall though it looks amazing and is a great intro! Can't wait for the rest!

  2. Hi Leah,
    Cool story book! I like the blue and white colors of the storybook, I think that it goes nicely with the Greek theme. I loved how Janus opened up your introduction, but I did wonder why she wanted to tell the stories? What is her reason behind writing this up for us and telling us about all these stories. It's kind of explained in the last paragraph, but maybe you could make it more direct. Is it so the other gods aren't forgotten? Or because their stories deserve to be told? I was just a little bit unsure. I also think you should make the font just a bit bigger. It's a little hard to see unless you zoom it in!
    I really liked your first story also. I was surprised when you said you came up with it yourself! I also think it was clever that you had an author's note and Janus's note. I wondered what Hestia was thinking during the story. I thought she would be the main character, but she was only in it a little bit. Is there a way we could see more from her perspective?
    I'm excited to learn about more forgotten gods/goddesses from your story! Good work!

  3. Hey Leah! First, I really enjoy your cover photo, I think it was good pick for you. I also really like how the intro is from Janus' perspective. I never would've come up with this idea and I really like it. To be honest, I don't know much about gods/goddesses that aren't the "Big 12" like you stated. But I am excited to learn more about them through your storybook!
    As I have only read your introduction so far, I was really wanting you to have incorporated his 2 faces more into the story. I think this is pretty unique characteristic and could add a lot of personality to the character!
    I wish you would have incorporated another photo of Janus. The cover image is really cool and I would've liked to see it without the words on top of it. Maybe you could add that image a second time at the bottom and then another representation of Janus? I don't have much to critique because I really like the way you wrote this introduction and the direction you're headed in.

  4. I'm back and just finished reading your first story about Hestia. At first glance, I like the way you formatted your page. The image on the side is big enough to do its job and it isn't obnoxious. And I think keeping the same cover image is a good idea, it keeps the pages cohesive. I also like the quick introduction you did from Janus's POV. It provides just enough background information about this goddesses that we (the readers) might need to know for the story to make sense. I'm very impressed you were able to create this story yourself, it's so good! I like that you chose to use an example of the common folk, which you pointed out in the "Janus's Note". I think it really shows how compassionate and humble Hestia was as a goddesses. If only she was more well known, I think the world could learn a lesson or 2 from her right now! The addition of the Janus Note is also really clever. I don't have much to critique about except you could add a little more personality to your page. Maybe try changing up the font colors (dark blues or reds) whenever Janus speaks to us so it's a more obvious transition? Nice work!!

  5. Hello Leah, I love this storybook! I like the simplicity and straightforward design that you went with. Personally I do not think the picture for the Intro goes along with the theme, but that might be my pickiness. I read your first story and thought you did a good job overall. The blue and white offered a professional feel that was good to the eyes. The only thing that really jumped out at me was that I wish we knew more about the father's illness. You said his hand slipped and then his leg hurts? Maybe you could add just a little more background on that.

    I like the idea of having to keep the fire going and that the daughter has a selfless attitude which allows her to keep her father alive long enough to get help. I liked the imagery you provided with the detail of the Goddess in the fire, it added a nice new perspective to the story that rounded it out well.

  6. Hi Leah!
    I love your storybook topic. I think it's great that you chose to write about minor gods and goddesses. I can't believe there's actually a god of door hinges. Interesting! I also have never heard of Hestia so it was great getting to learn about her. I do have a question about the Vestal Virgins. I'm not very familiar with what that is. If you could include that in the author's note or introduction that would be great! Also, I thought it was a good idea that you didn't give the father and daughter names to keep the focus on Hestia. I think you did a good job coming up with your own story for Hestia that really embodies her role and importance in humans' lives. I love that you further explained Hestia's personality in the author's note that she helps anyone that needs her not just those that worship her like the bigger gods and goddesses. Nice!

  7. Hi Leah!
    I really love your page. I think the picture really fits the theme of your storybook. I love how the picture looks like statues I think that was a very creative picture to use. I also really liked the blue accents that were used, I think it gives everything a pop of color which I think it always good. I really love the introduction! I think its great how you tell the stories from one persons perspective. And in the introduction how you introduce that person I think is very creative and such a great idea. I also really liked how there is the one God telling stories about all of the other Gods. I think its awesome how in the story you created it yourself, not really going off of any other stories. I like the character of Hestia as well and I think the story is great.

  8. Hi Leah!
    I really loved how you did the story for Hestia. When I saw that it was a story about her I didn't remember what she was the god of but because of this story I doubt that I will ever forget again. I used to be really interested in greek mythology. I really like how you made the girl very skeptical of gods and what she can't see and I think that you did a really great job of making Hestia who is someone who does seem to nice a lot of time but the way that she can completely change the life of people who are doing their best to survive. I sympathized with the girl wanting to do all she can and not leave her father's life in the hand of the gods who can traditionally be flaky and back-staby. I also like how you brought in the story about Demeter and bring in the greek mythos as a whole.

  9. Hi Leah!
    Your portfolio is really cool. I got the chance to check out all of your stories, as well as the images that go with them. I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into the creative images in your project. I like how you have added banner images as well, I think that adds a nice touch and looks really clean. I think it gives the reader a really good visual of what the story is going to be about.
    I also really like how your images encompass what your story is about, and are not just random stock photos, or the first picture you found on your google search. The pictures actually add and element to the story, instead of just being something random to look at.
    Great job!

  10. Hi Leah :)
    I love what you have so far in your Introduction and Hestia story!
    For the Introduction, I really like the theme you lay out of "more important than first appearance may suggest." I also just love Janus's voice. He brings to mind this brusque, kind of gruff Italian-American tour guide leading the reader through the stories in your scrapbook of stories! There are only a few areas where I have critique to give. I suggest breaking up your two paragraphs into more paragraphs. It'll create extra white space to give the reader's eyes a break. In addition to breaking up a lot of the long sentences you have, it'll help your narrative flow a lot smoother! Aside from those two suggested tweaks and a few missing articles, your Introduction writing is wonderful!
    For your Hestia story, I adore your description of Hestia. By keeping the description off any physical features and describing her only as a figure in the fire, it not only brought out her main characteristics and exemplified her powers, but left a clear impression on her general shape and expression on my mind's eye. I love how Janus had a note, too! That was wonderful.
    The only critique I have for this story is you have one sentence in there that's a little hard to read. I think it could use some rewording.
    Instead of "During the coldest week of the coldest month of the year, Gamēliōn, as a storm raged outside, the young woman fell asleep in front of the burning fire."
    You could maybe reword it like, "As a storm raged outside during Gamēliōn, the coldest week of the coldest month of the year, the young woman fell asleep in front of the burning fire."
    Other than that sentence, it's wonderfully written! I like how you kept the other two characters unnamed. It definitely had the desired effect of keeping the focus on Hestia.
    Great job! :)

  11. Hey, Leah!

    I really like your website's design. It gives me a type of simplistic yet complex feeling when I was reading it. The design is nice and smooth, but your titles and introductory carries a lot of information with key words and descriptive words. It made me immediately interested in reading your stories with how you described them initially. I personally really love Greek mythology, so your idea of having a storybook centric to this theme really made me want to turn back and start mine over and do the same! I like how the titles of your stories are individual gods/characters, and it makes me wonder how you will be tying all these stories together and making connections based on each individual story seemingly being about a particular character. It is a very unique way to write stories, and I really feel inspired to do the same, and slightly jealous of such a great idea. Great job!

  12. Hi there Leah!
    I am so glad that the randomizer picked your stories for me to look at and read! I am obsessed with greek mythology and the gods and goddess, but honestly who isn't?! I think that your layout and design for you story book fits so well with you topic. I particularly enjoy the little side not at the top of Hestia's story and I can only assume that is Janus narrating. That is such a creative way to add in comments or ease your way between each story that I had never thought of doing. In your author's note you addressed how there are not really any big portrayals of Hestia in mythology, and I think that is perfect especially for your purposes. As someone who is writing with the Big 12 involved in my story I enjoy seeing the works of minor godlings as Janus would say. It almost seems like there is a club specifically designed for smaller gods so that they do not et lost or over shadowed by the main twelve. Overall, well done and I am excited to keep reading!

  13. Hey Leah, I'm from the Epics of India class and for this week's assignment we were allowed to visit your class to comment on a project. I chose your project because it seemed like a very unique subject. I agree that most of the things that we know about Greek mythology stems from the major gods. I'm glad that someone decided to write about the minor gods that nobody really hears about. This week, I read your "Hestia" chapter of your project. You have a knack for writing. I was interested from start to finish reading it. Your author's note was really nice too. I liked how you decided to write completely from your imagination. I think that takes a lot of skill and dedication to be able to write something completely from scratch. Your author's note was very detailed and I appreciated the background information on Hestia. I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future!

  14. Hi, Leah! I love that you decided to do a storybook on the gods and goddesses that are not talked about much. It’s a different concept than what I’ve seen many times before with the more well-known gods/goddesses. I really enjoyed reading your stories; they were creative, but they also informed readers about who these “average” goddesses were and what they did. This week’s focus for project feedback is the author’s notes. Even though there were no source stories used, I thought the author’s notes were helpful and did a great job of explaining the plot or ideas in your stories. I think it’s awesome that you created the stories just using your imagination and research of the goddesses! I like that you included the origin of the word “focus” and how it’s related to the story in the author’s note for “Hestia.” Is there any more information on the Horae that could be provided in the author’s note for the second story? I think you did an awesome job writing these stories using available information about these not-so-popular goddesses and using your imagination; the author’s notes are informative and are a good aid for better understanding the stories!

  15. Hey Leah! I really enjoyed reading your story “Hestia”. I really enjoyed the overall plot of the story. It is always refreshing to read stories where good things happen to good people. I really like how you emphasized the struggles of the woman and how hard it is to trust something that you are unsure of. I think everyone struggles with that from time to time. Also, I like how you introduced Lady Hestia into the story. I thought how you described her entrance as a spark of fire was very creative. I wonder if Lady Hestia would’ve helped anyone in that situation? I think it might add to the story if there was more description of Lady Hestia. Also, I though this story was very well-written. It flowed from beginning to end and was very fun to read. Overall, I thought you did a very good job, and I cant wait to read more of your stories in the future. Great job Leah!

  16. Hi Leah! I really like your storybook! Right off the bat, getting the perspective of someone who is not one of the "Big 12" that live up on Olympus. I am going to be focusing on the Iris story for this comment. I really like that you have both an author's note for yourself and a not for Janus to give us the inside details from their own perspective within the story world. I feel like that gives us a good sense of what they actually think about all the stories that they are telling us. I think Janus does a great job of telling how all these, not Big gods are important to us important and they deserve more attention. Iris works such a thankless job. I wonder why Hermes gets so much more attention compared to her? I really like that Januys tells us there are so many more stories to hear.

  17. Hey Leah,

    I really liked looking through your storybook! I like your simple layout/ design. I think you chose colors and a font that are really easy to read. Your website is also very easy to navigate. These two things make your site really accessible which is so appreciated! I really like the theme of your project and I think it allowed for some pretty great stories! I also really appreciate the images you chose for all of your project, I think you did great at encompassing the overall mood of your stories and they tie in very well to make your website like very professional. Great job! :)

  18. Hi Leah!

    I think the idea for your storybook is awesome! There are so many minor gods and goddesses out there that contribute greatly to our every day lives. However, I think people focus more on the major gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus. I really like the layout of your website. It was easy to follow and did not deter from the stories. I think that it was really smart of you to put the image at the top of each story. This is because throughout the rest of the story, I knew what to be imagining. Then, you continued to add to it by using amazing imagery. I felt like I was in the stories without having them go on forever and ever. I really liked that you used old tales that have been passed down through generations to retell and explain how these gods and goddess were.

  19. Hi Leah!
    Your storybook is great. The idea for the project is really unique, and I can tell you put a lot of work and effort into it. I enjoyed reading your stories. I think the idea of a storybook, and having one concept to build off of is really cool. You took an idea that is pretty popular, and really made it into your own, so congrats on that. I really enjoyed your project!

  20. Hi Leah! I loved reading your storybook and learning about the minor Gods and Goddesses within the Olympian world. I never knew about Hestia, but she seems to be a very friendly Goddess for sure. In my opinion, I think your paragraphs are set up very well. While you only included a few paragraphs within each section, they flowed nicely and you knew when to end one paragraph and begin the next. You did not add excessive details or overflow details into the next paragraph which I really liked. I also liked that you added words such as "Suddenly" at the beginning of some of your paragraphs. This kept me interested and demonstrated a new thought coming forward within your writing as the paragraphs progressed. Overall, I think you have a very good storybook on your page and you have written your stories very well!

  21. Hi Leah!
    I loved reading your storybook. I like the layout and the pictures chosen for the storybook. Also your website was easy to Navigate. I also liked how Janus started the introduction. And good job on adding a little description about him. Greek story are so pleasant to read. The good thing about it is also that there are so many minor gods and goddesses in greek mythology. I never heard about Hestia until now. She gave me the impression of being a very friendly goddess. I wonder if you can add more description about her. I thought was going to be the main character.
    This week project feedback is about paragraphs. I think your paragraphs are very well set up. They flowed nicely. Each paragraph completed the other. You knew where to start and where to end. That shows that you put a lot of effort in your work. Overall great storybook.


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