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Reading Notes: Tales From a Parrot, Part A

African Grey Parrot
    I really enjoyed the readings for today! They were wonderful stories all wrapped up in a bigger narrative, but, much like Khojisteh, I found myself getting lost in them and forgetting the context that they took place in until I got to the end of the story.     I don't have too much to say regarding the plot of the stories, as they were mostly short fables. The entire time I was reading the stories, I kept thinking how much they felt like fables; sometimes, they even reminded me of specific ones. For example, in the story about how the parrot "betrayed" the king to go take care of her babies, I was reminded of the fable with the tiger and the man. Specifically, how the jackal (I think it's a jackal? I could be misremembering, it might be a coyote or a fox) tricks the tiger into going back into the cage. The parrot tricks the king into opening her cage. (I'm going to go on a quick side-note rant here about the plot: I really didn't like i…

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