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Extra Credit Reading Notes: Cupid and Psyche, Part B

"Cupid and Psyche"   by  Katey iin love  is licensed under  CC BY-NC 2.0     OKAY, once again, I have a LOT of feelings!!! FIRST OF ALL, I want to know where Venus gets off blaming Cupid for the fact that Mars is an adulterer?? Beyond her own philandering with mortals, what's she even doing with Mars when she's married to Vulcan? By her own standards, that's not okay. I also have a lot of thoughts and feelings about Juno and Ceres. Like okay, I guess it's a good thing that they tell Venus she's overreacting, but also... they then are totally fine with abandoning Psyche? They're all-aboard the train of, "The way she's treating you is totally unfair, but also she's a goddess and she's family so sucks to be you, get out of my temple and be glad I didn't kill you." It's just so cold and cruel and. heartless. I definitely think that this is a good point to include in my story with Eros/Cupid for my storybook. I guess I can unde

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